First off, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the new year. Today we’ll be briefly discussing the latest real estate market and also take some time to detail the charitable efforts we made during the end of 2018.

We’ve been having some slowdown in the market, which is good for everyone. The spring was pretty crazy, but things have since relaxed. However, the market is already beginning to heat up again. Interest rates are very good right now as well.

“We’re big proponents of giving to veterans and those less fortunate than us.”

We had the opportunity to hold our fourth annual Christmas tree giveaway. We’re big proponents of giving to veterans and those less fortunate than us, so we’re always doing what we can to share our blessings with others. We gave away around 170 trees this year, as well as contributed to other charitable causes. When it comes to doing good things for people who need help, we like to share what we can to make a difference.

Though the season often motivates us to give a helping hand, people still need help all year long. We always keep this in mind and hope you do as well. Reach out to your favorite charities, do some volunteer work, and see about donating throughout the year instead of at one time.

We’d love to hear what your favorite charities are, as well as what you’ve done or plan to do this year. If you have any real estate-related questions or need more information, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.